Private Tuition

"Elongation and extension can only occur when the pulling and pushing have come to an end; this is the revolution."


Vanda Scaravelli

Working individually allows you to choose a time that works for you – we can arrange classes to fit around your children, work and other commitments.

Each private online yoga class is customised to your needs. You may want to work on specific asanas or wish to create a customised sequence you then can practice on your own. Or you may be dealing with a specific issue that you would like to address with yoga, meditation or yoga nidra. Private yoga classes are customised to fit your specific needs, focusing on therapeutic benefits for injuries, restorative benefits for stress or emotional situations, and helping you work towards specific goals.

Working one to one will help you develop a clear understanding of the yoga poses and breathing techniques, at your own speed.

If you are too busy or too far away to work with me face to face, then Online yoga sessions are a great way to connect in a relaxed and easy going atmosphere.

Prices vary depending on where you'd like to meet and how long it takes me to get there. The basic fee for a 1-hour-class is 45 Euros/150 Reais in person and 35 Euros/120 Reais online.


If you are interested in working privately with me, please contact me via email

"Practising yoga is like being on a body holiday."


Vanda Scaravelli


"To absorb the teaching requires infinite time and no ambition."


Vanda Scaravelli