Discover a holistic method that supports and accompanies you before, during and after pregnancy.


A guiding principle of yoga is the idea that everything that is necessary for our systems to function properly is already there within us. Accordingly, the task of yoga is to release blockages that hinder the free flow of these natural forces. The freedom that such an approach can bring is based on the conscious recognition of the specifically feminine processes and experiences in and around our uterus.

A corresponding yoga practice supports the female realities of menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal recovery with holistic, comprehensive and appropriate techniques. It includes body positions (asana), breathing exercises (pranayama), exercises for the pelvic floor (bandha and mantra), exercises for mental and physical relaxation and centering (pratyahara and yoga nidra) and concentration and meditation exercises (dharana and dhyana), which every woman can use for themselves how and to what extent they think it is right.

My classes are undogmatic and down-to-earth and are aimed at all women, with or without yoga experience, who are looking for a holistic method that supports and accompanies them through the time before, during and after pregnancy. We practice trust in the wisdom of our bodies and learn to listen to its signals.

Yoga is not a substitute for a birth preparation course. If you have any questions about ongoing courses and individual lessons, send me an email to I look forward to your contact!


After my first pregnancy I had to deal with bladder weakness - very unpleasant and it took almost a year to get better. During my second pregnancy I started to work with Sandra: A wonderful support during this challenging period. I had a fantastic birth experience. I continued to work with her afterwards and - to my surprise - didn't suffer from any incontinence.

Linda Neumann, Vienna

Sandra accompanied me with her yoga during and after my pregnancy. Her teaching method is precise but never restrictive. A sensitive technique with enormous efficiency. All in all, the best yoga one could ask for. Catered to my individual needs and to the point, liberating for body and soul. Highly recommended!

Katharina Pizzera, Vienna