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Teacher Trainings


Body-Mind Centering®;  2020-2023

500h Somatic Movement Education Program with, Brazil

Trauma-sensitive Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training; 2020

200h Teacher Training Trauma-sensitive Mindfulness Meditation with Brenda Feuerstein,, Saskatoon, Canada

Trauma-sensitive Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Level 1;  2020

50h Teacher Training Trauma-sensitive Yoga Nidra mit Brenda Feuerstein,, Saskatoon, Canada

Yoga for Mothers and Babies;  2019

30h Postnatal Yoga and Somatic movement and Developmental Baby Massage (Peter Walker) with Anne Sobotta,; São Paulo, Brazil

Yoga and Somatic Movement for Pregnancy;  2018

100h Yoga and Somatic Movement for Pregnancy with Anne Sobotta,; Santo Antônio de Pinhal, Brazil

Traditional Hatha Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Yogatherapy; 2015-17

300h Hatha Yoga, Hatha Yoga tradicional e Yogaterapia with Gerson D’Addio da Silva in the tradition of the Kaivalyadhama Institute; São Paulo, Brazil

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga; 2014

200h Hatha Vinyasa Yoga with Camila Reitz,; Bahia, Brazil

Courses and Continuing Education:

- Body Mind Centering®, 49h The Ligamentous and Facial System, 2022

- Body Mind Centering®, 63h The Skeletal System, 2022

- Body Mind Centering®, 42h The Fluid System, 2022

- Body Mind Centering®, 35h The Endocrine System, 2021

Body Mind Centering®, 47h The Neurocellular Patterns; 2021

- Body Mind Centering®, 38h The Sense System; 2020

- Free the vital energy and illuminating presence of your spine: Explorations in movement and cellular    consciousness, 8 week course, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Oct -Nov 2020

- Embryology through the lens of Body-Mind Centering®, 6 week course, Body Cartography, June 2020

- Introduction to Trauma-sensitive Mindfulness Meditation, 8 week course - Brenda Feuerstein, 2020

- Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, 6 week course - Moved By Mindfulness, January 2020

- Scaravelli inspired Yoga, Intensive 5 day Retreat - Veronica WunderlichJune 2019

- Scaravelli inspired Yoga, Intensive 3 day Workshop – Christine Borg, April 2019

- Scaravelli inspired Yoga, Intensive 3 day Workshop – Christine Borg, November 2018

- Scaravelli inspired Yoga, Intensive 3 day Workshop – Christine Borg, April 2018

- The Classical Yoga of Patanjali;  2018 - 2020: 250h Long Distance Course The Classical Yoga of Patanjali with     Brenda Feuerstein,, Saskatoon, Canada

- Meditation Training in Classical Yoga; 2017, 2018: 40h Meditation Training according to the Classical Yoga of   Patanjali with Flávia Bianchini und Roberto de Andrade Martins,; São Paulo, Brazil

- Body-Mind Centering®: 8 day Intensive 50h: The Organ System - Corporalmente, 2017

- Beyond Yoga Alignment: Biomechanics, Posture and Performance – Jules Mitchell, 2017

- Seminars on meditation - Matthew Remski, 2017

- Embodied Living II: 6 week course - Marc J Acquaviva, March 2017

- Embodied Living I: 6 week course - Marc J Acquaviva, November 2016

- Core Strength Vinyasa 50h - Sadie Nardini, 2016

- Yoga and injuries, 2 day workshop - Osnir Cugonetta, 2016

- Yoga and pain – Intensive 3 day workshop - Pedro Kupfer, 2015

- Liquid Asana – Intensive 3 day workshop - Micheline Berry, 2015


"To absorb the teaching requires infinite time and no ambition."

Vanda Scaravelli

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