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Scaravelli inspired Yoga

75 Minutos for Asana, Pranayama and meditation

Classic yoga postures (asana), simple yogic breathing exercises (pranayama) and concentration and contemplation exercises (meditation) followed by relaxation form the framework for this slow class.


With relaxed attention we take a lot of time to find our way into the individual positions. We track down habitual patterns of tension and learn to let go of them. The focus is on freeing the spine and find the inner connection of movement. Instead of forcing ourselves into fixed positions, we create conditions that allow the body to free itself from unnecessary tension, the spine to awaken and healthy movement to develop.​

All Levels welcome

Vila Madalena, São Paulo

Limited spaces

Terça & Quinta
19h00 - 20h30
Portuguese/English translation as needed

Private Tuition

Working privately allows you to flexibly adjust the time and place and to organize your practice around children, work and other commitments. Also, it allows you to tailor the practice exactly to your needs and preferences. Here I often witness aha moments with my students, which they then take with them into the course units and their own practice. In this respect, the private sessions are a great addition to my course program, super suitable, for example, for working on a position that poses a challenge or causes difficulties. Or perhaps you would like to develop a sequence that is tailored to you personally, which you can then practice on your own. Or you want to target specific pains or restrictions.

If you're too busy to work with me onsite then online yoga classes are a great way to connect in a relaxed and casual atmosphere.

Suited for all levels

ONLINE or On-Site

Send me a message to book!

Moving in harmony with the female cycles

Female Cycles

Pre- and Postnatal Yoga & Somatics

Discover a holistic method that supports and accompanies you before, during and after pregnancy.

A guiding principle of yoga is the idea that everything that is necessary for our systems to function properly is already there within us. Accordingly, the task of yoga is to release blockages that hinder the free flow of these natural forces. 

A corresponding movement practice includes body positions, breathing exercises, exercises for the pelvic floor, exercises for mental and physical relaxation and centering that lie in harmony with the ever changing needs of our bodies.


Few students per class allow for individual support; there is no 'one size fits all' solution. We practice gentle breathing exercises, postures and sequences inspired by Yoga and Qigong and the Somatic practices, and exercises for deep relaxation, adapted to the specific and changing needs of the group. My classes are undogmatic and down-to-earth and are aimed at all women, with or without yoga or movement experience, who are looking for a holistic method that supports and accompanies them through the time before, during and after pregnancy.

Yoga is not a substitute for a birth preparation course. If you have any questions about ongoing courses and individual lessons, send me an email to I look forward to your contact!

Suited for All Levels

Campo Belo & Vila Madalena, São Paulo


Send me a message to receive informations about ongoing classes

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