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"Yoga is an effortless dance with breath and gravity."

Vanda Scaravelli


Hello and welcome, nice you're here! My name is Sandra Woods. I'm a yoga instructor and somatic movement educator based in São Paulo, Brazil. I teach individuals and small group classes and also host the occasional workshop in different locations around town. Nowadays you can find me mostly online, offering regular zoom classes and weekend intensives. I offer Scaravelli inspired Hatha Yoga, Pre- and Postnatal Somatic Movement and gentle Flow classes. 

Moving in harmony with our female cycles is of great importance and great use to health and long-lasting well-being. A guiding principle of yoga is the idea that everything that is necessary for our systems to function properly is already here within us. Accordingly, the task of yoga is to release blockages that hinder the free flow of these natural forces. The freedom that such an approach can bring is based on the conscious recognition of the specifically feminine processes and experiences within and around our cycles... 

Go here for informations about ongoing classes, workshops and private tuition.


"Elongation and extension can only occur when the pulling and pushing have come to an end; this is the revolution."


Vanda Scaravelli

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